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The DIABLEND Mixer is for dispersion, mixing, emulsification, homogenizing and similar processes for liquid and viscous products. The machine can be tilted 30o on a horizontal centre line and the stirring shaft is provided with a thread for mounting of the mixing unit most suitable for the purpose. Furthermore, the stirring shaft is easily removable by means of a screw coupling.

The DIABLEND is available in the following 4 executions:

Types with ONE SPEED:

  • Type G floor stand with castors
  • Type K for attachment on container edge


  • Type GV on floor stand with castors
  • Type KV for attachment on the container edge


  • Plate turbines, including hub made of stainless steel Ø 150 mm — Ø 250 mm
  • Three-blade propeller made of stainless steel Ø 125 mm — Ø 250 mm
  • Single Turbine Head made of Silumin (stainess steel available upon request) Ø 175 mm — Ø 175 mm
  • Extra stirring shaft


  • Movable
  • High capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • On floor stand with castors or for attachment on container edge
  • Fixed or variable speed
  • Max container volume: 500 litres gross

Technical data

Types with ONE SPEED:

Motor, kWFixed speed, rpmNet weight, kg
1,3335 / 900120 — 160
1,6525 / 1400120 — 160


Motor, kWVariable speed, rpmNet weight, kg
1,9300 — 1200130 — 170
2,5500 — 2000130 — 170

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DIAF Diablend Type G
DIAF Diablend Type K