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High-efficiency agitator bead mill

Dispersion and wet grinding technology brought to perfection

The unique high-efficiency agitator bead mill — the DYNO®-MILL ECM — is used for the continuous dispersion and wet fine grinding of pumpable products with low to high viscousity in the micron to nano range. The DYNO®-MILL ECM provides excellent performance for very high throughputs in a circulation process and also in a passage operation.

Features of the DYNO®-MILL ECM High-efficiency agitator bead mill:

  • Patented DYNO®-Accelerators ensure powerful, hydraulic movement of the grinding beads and guarantee high and uniform energy input for products of low to high viscosity
  • Ideal for the smallest possible applications in research and development and for small-scale production
  • Guaranteed long service life as a result of using materials of high-quality (SiC, ZrO2, hardened chrome alloy)
  • Low power consumption (kWh/kg product) thanks to efficient energy input
  • Small process volume and ideal cooling properties permit processing of temperature sensitive products
  • Gentle processing as a result of hydrodynamic movements
  • Change of sieve cartridge without opening the mill container
  • Very easy to clean with minimum of cleaning fluids
  • Easy to handle with low operating and maintenance costs due to the unique design of the grinding chamber
  • Mill easy to operate due to well-designed control-system
  • Recording of operation data and guarantee of reproducibility with the use of the modern WAB VIEW process control system (optional)

The best performance for your product — superior internal design

The grinding beads in the DYNO®-MILL ECM are accelerated by the patented DYNO®-Accelerators. Resulting from the design of the mill, internal grinding bead circuits are set up that guarantee narrow dwell-time spectrum combined with highest energy density. The grinding bead circuits are several times greater in intensity and velocity than the coupled motion effect exerted on the grinding beads by the stream of the product in the direction of the mill exit. The grinding beads are retained in the mill by the sieve cartridge at the product outlet. The efficient cooling of the grinding cylinder mad of the highly abrasion resistant silicon carbide permits the processing of the temperature-sensitive products.

The choice of the grinding bead quality is essential and affects the grinding or dispersing performance and the life time of the parts in contact with the product. WAB tests and investigates in its own laboratory the various commercially available grinding beads using DYNO®-MILLs You do not simply buy a mill from WAB, you receive professional advice about the mill and about your product.

Top quality comes from the use of high-grade materials

Maximum quality requirements (metal-free ginding / dispersion), high wear resistance and long service life mean that only the best materials are used in the DYNO®-MILL ECM. Hardened chrome alloy or also ceramic materials / zirconium oxide and silicon carbide are available for the parts that come in contact with the product.

Low operating and maintenance costs — simple and economical

The assembly of the DYNO®-MILL ECM is well-designed and optimally adaptable to every process. Operating, cleaning and opening the mill for servicing is very simple. The cleaning is done with the minimum solvent / cleaning fluids, the loss of the product is minimal and the switch from one product to another is very easy.

Servicing and cleaning made very easy — short down times

  • The sieve cartridge can be changed without opening the grinding container
  • The grinding container can be opened with easy-to-use manual removing device. The cleaning and servicing work can be done at the optimal working height
  • The movable collecting dish permits rapid changing and cleaning of the grinding beads
  • The DYNO®-Accelerators can be disassembled with a minimum of manual operations and rapid access to the shaft seal is guaranteed

Shaft seal

The shaft sealing is achieved with the double mechanical seal developed by WAB. The compact design of this unique mechanical seal permits easy and rapid change. The rinsing liquid installation with cooled, stainless steel container is assembled in the machine housing and is readily accessible. The pressure in the rinsing circuit is adjusted by control valve. Before delivery the mechanical seals are always checked for leakage and quality, which emphasizes the reliability of the WAB seals. In addition to simple maintenance, the mechanical seals can be sent to the factory for inspection. WAB will replace the functionality relevant components. After inspection, this seal undergoes the WAB standard quality test. In this way our customers obtain optimal benefit and reduce the maintenance costs considerably.

Reproducibility — WAB VIEW modern process control

WAB provides a comprehensive control system package. The DYNO®-MILLs can be equipped with manually operable to partially automatic to fully automatic control systems. In addition to the easily surveyed and simple operation of the mill, the WAB VIEW control system guarantees proper monitoring and recording of all process-relevant values. The design of the PLC control is modular and extensible:

  • Data acquisition
  • Process control via product temperature or kW input
  • Automation module for passage and recirculation operation
  • Visualization systems with comprehensive management of formulations
  • Communications system via modem
  • Links to a PC or a control system are optionally included in our offer

Scale-up from the laboratory to production with patented DYNO®-Accelerators

For small runs of 1 litres or more and for research and development work the MULTI LAB with the DYNO®-Accelerators (0,6 litre grinding chamber volume) is the ideal laboratory mill. Other mill sizes up to 60 litres ECM Ultra are available. Thanks to the consistent grinding design with the DYNO®-Accelerators, the scale-up from the laboratory scale to the production mill is guaranteed.

Overview of the DYNO®-MILL ECM range

TypeGrinding chamber volume, lCapacity range, l/hMill drive, kWCooling water consumption, l/hWeight, kgDimensions L/W/H, mm
MULTI LAB0,65 — 503,3 — 4,0400100680 × 740 × 580
ECM Pilot1,510 — 2007,58003801372 × 830 × 710
ECM Poly8,2100 — 150022,0 — 30,015009001390 × 800 × 1680
ECM Pro18,2300 — 250044,0 — 55,0200019001795 × 1016 × 1989
ECM Plus23,3400 — 300044,0 — 55,0200020001903 × 1016 × 1989
ECM Ultra60,0500 — 600090,0 — 125,0350037002300 × 1250 × 2120

Subject to change in design. The caracteristecs shown are indicative values and are dependent on the product to be processed.