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Liquid Filtration Systems

Filter Bags

High quality needlefelt or monofilament based filter bags (polyester, polypropylene, NYLON, NOMEX, PTFE), filter fineness 1 - 1200 µm, suitable for all commonly used filter housings.

Filter Cartridges

High performance industrial filter cartridges in different designs (sizes 5 - 40"), filter fineness (0.2 - 150 µm) and filter media (polypropylene, glass fibre, NYLON, cotton, activated carbon), suitable for all commonly used cartridge filter housings.

Bag Filter Housing

Single and multi-bag filter housings (up to 24 bags) in high quality carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and PVDF, suitable for all commonly used filter bags (max. 1000 m³/hr).

Cartridge Filter Housings

Single and multi-cartridge filter housings (up to 250 cartridges) in high quality carbon, plastic or stainless steel suitable for all commonly used filter cartridges (max. 1000 m³/hr).


Products include automatic self-cleaning strainers as well as manual, duplex, simplex, and Y strainers. Both cast and fabricated type strainers are made in standard configurations to meet the needs of most applications.