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Vreebase DU 01

The Vreebase DU 01 is a new preferment semi-automatic volumetric filling machine that embodies all our experience in filling accuracy, cleaning and capability of handling a wide pallet of products, making use of state of the art techniques and materials.

General description

  • The Vreebase DU 01 volumetric filler accomodates containers with heights from 50 to 600 mm and diameters from 50 to 240mm.
  • The capacity of the dosing mechanism is adjustable, with a handwheel at the back of the machine, between 100 ml and 5000 ml.
  • The dosing signal is given by pushing the container against a contact switch or by using a footswitch.


  • Fully pneumatically operated,complete with pressure regulator and shut-off valve, air supply dia.15mm, 30 Norm. M3 / h at 6b.
  • Stainless steel dosing unit: dosing head,filling valves, cylinder liner and hopper SS316, cover plates and can support table SS304.
  • Round SS316 hopper, mirror polished inside and out, sealed valve drive mechanism, optionally adaptable with cover lids and auto – cleaning system, prepared for mounting product infeed and level control.
  • Machine frame mild steel PU coated RAL 9007.
  • Improved soft start and stop of the dosing movement.
  • Easily interchangeable fill nozzles according to container size and/or viscosity of the product.
  • Presenting table manually adjustable according to container height.
  • Machine mounted on rubber wheels.


For most products and under the correct circumstances, such as constant infeed pressure and no fluctuations in product density, this machine will provide a repeatable accuracy of +/- 0,15% (peak deviation).

Filling speeds

Dosing volume1/4-1/2 L1 L2.5 L5 L10 L20 L

Based on normal types of paint, viscosity 100-5000 cps, in standard full aperture type containers. Outputs may also be influenced by the operator.

Optional additional equipment or alternative designs

  • The machine can hold a closing station for press lids (3” cylinder, closing plate diameter 250mm). Manually operated over a two – hands control.
  • Interchangeable closing tool for lug lids with a max. diameter of 200mm.
  • Semi-automatic cap screwer.
  • Various types of level control available.
  • Cover lids for the round hopper and hose and spray - ball system for closed loop cleaning.
  • Ball valve controlled by level sensors for control of product supply.
  • Rectangular 75 ltrs hopper.
  • Closed filling head for direct product infeed.
  • Multiple shot selector for filling volumes above 5 ltrs.
  • Submerged filling with dip – tube for filling very foamy products such as soaps, detergents etc.