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MULTI LAB Laboratory agitator bead mill

Dispersion and wet grinding technology brought to perfection

Ideal for research and development

Features of the DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB

  • Ideal for the smallest possible applications in research and development and for small-scale production
  • Continuous or discontinuous operation with a versatile laboratory mill attribute to different, easy-to-change grinding containers
  • Two grinding principles in one mill with either the KD agitator discs or the patented DYNO®-Accelerators
  • The flexible grinding concept means that it is possible to scale up to all DYNO®-MILL production mills that are based on the same principle
  • The ideal equipment for every product with the choice of the widest possible range of materials for the components that come in contact with the product — from hardened steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, polyurethane, polyamide, Teflon
  • Guaranteed long service life as a result of using materials of high-quality (SiC, ZrO2, hardened chrome alloy)
  • Small process volume and ideal cooling properties permit processing of temperature sensitive products
  • Easy handling — the MULTI LAB can be dismantled and changed to a different mill configuration in a few simple operation
  • GMP-compliant design — very easy to clean with a minimum of cleaning fluids
  • Mill is easy to operate thanks to well-designed control system — quantifying and monitoring operational data with the modern WAB VIEW process control system

The unique agitator bead mill — the DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB — is used for the continuous dispersion and wet fine grinding of pumpable products with low to high viscousity in the micron to nano range.

Two grinding principles — one solution. Unbeatable variety.

The DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB can be fitted with the traditional KD agitator discs as well as the patented DYNO®-Accelerators. The agitator discs or DYNO®-Accelerators which are mounted on the agitator shaft and easy to change, transfer energy to the grinding beads in order to achieve the dispersion and grinding.

Discontinuous or continuous. The optimum production process for every product.

Discontinuous operation

Grinding containers with volumes of 0,15l or 0,3l can be used for processing highly fluid suspensions in application sizes of 0,85ml or 170ml respectively. The product must be separated after grinding by sieving or filtration.

This grinding principle is used in particular for cell disruption in microbiology and for processing pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Continuous operation

Grinding containers with volumes of 0,15l, 0,3l, 0,6l and 1,4l can be used for processing highly fluid to viscous pumpable suspensions in amounts > 500 ml. A pump located next to the mill feeds the suspension in to the DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB. The grinding beads are retained in the grinding chamber using a dynamic gap separator, which makes it possible to use grinding beads with diameters from 0,1 to 2,0 mm.

For recirculation milling at high throughputs rates, the ECM grinding principle with the DYNO®-Accelerators is used. This alternative may however also be used for conventional passage process at lower flow rates. Only the 0,6 litre vessel may be used in this way.

Discontinuous or continuous. The optimum production process for every product.

WAB provides a comprehensive control system package. The DYNO®-MILLs can be equipped with manually operable to partially automatic to fully automatic control systems designed to be splash-water proof or explosion proof in accordance with 94/4/EU (ATEX).

WAB VIEW control system

In addition to the easily surveyed and simple operation of the mill, the WAB VIEW control system guarantees proper monitoring and recording of all process-relevant values. The design of the PLC control is modular and extensible:

  • Data acquisition
  • Process control via product temperature or kW input
  • Visualization systems with comprehensive management of formulations
  • Communications system via modem
  • Links to a PC or a control system are optionally included in our offer

GMP-compliant design — with WAB validation concept

The qualification documents DQ, IQ, Oq that are requires for validation or certificates for the process-relevant machine components such as calibration and material certificates are available for all DYNO®-MILLs. Upon request we can also carry out the Factory Acceptance Test in our factory or the Site Acceptance Test at your production location.

Modular construction — easy operation and servicing

Quick servicing and cleaning

The assembly of the DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB is well-designed and optimally adaptable to every process. Operating, cleaning and opening of the mill for servicing is very simple. The cleaning is done with the minimum solvent / cleaning fluids, the loss of the product is minimal and it is very easy to switch from one product to another.

Shaft seal

The shaft sealing is achieved with the double mechanical seal developed by WAB or with a special lip seal. The compact design of this unique mechanical seal permits easy and rapid change. The shaft seal rinse system employs a product-compatible rinsing liquid in a closed circuit containing feed pump and reservoir.
Before delivery the mechanical seals are always checked for leakage and quality, which emphasizes the reliability of the WAB seals. In addition to simple maintenance, the mechanical seals can be sent to the factory for inspection. WAB will replace the functionality relevant components. After inspection, this seal undergoes the WAB standard quality test. In this way our customers obtain optimal benefit and reduce the maintenance costs considerably.

Scale-up from the laboratory to production

The ideal laboratory mill for all grinding and dispersion work in the field of research, development and small production.

The geometry of the grinding systems corresponds to those of production mills which is why the dispersion / grinding performances achieved are easily transferable to the bigger mill types of DYNO®-MILL KD and ECM (high-efficiency agitator bead mill).

Overview of the DYNO®-MILLMULTI LAB range

TypeGrinding chamber volume, lMinimum batch volume, mlGrinding system, Ø mmMill drive, kWCooling water consumption, l/hWeight, kgDimensions L/W/H, mm
Discontinuous0,1585KD agitator disc, 643,3 —4,0250 —40095 —125680 × 740 × 580
0,3170KD agitator disc, 64
Continuous0,15500KD agitator disc, 64
0,3600KD agitator disc, 64
0,6800DYNO®-Accelerators, 64
0,6800KD agitator disc, 64
1,42000KD agitator disc, 80

Subject to change in design. The caracteristecs shown are indicative values and are dependent on the product to be processed.